Scholarship Pageant held on Saturday July 13, 2024

Application deadline submission no later than April 15, 2024

Pageant Wardrobe and Other Requirements
  1. Must be available 6 weeks prior to July 13, 2024 for practice sessions
    and other pageant commitments.
  2. Provide your own full length Chipao (Cheongsom)
  3. Prepare a two minute talent performance and provide your own dress or
  4. A swimsuit (provided by C.A.C.A Houston – CIF)
  5. Self introduction costume (provided by C.A.C.A Houston – CIF)
Thank you for your interest in applying to the Miss Chinatown Houston Scholarship Pageant. You have the option to submit your application through the Online Form Filler below or Download & Print the application here and submit directly to mcthouston88@yahoo.com.  

    (in lbs)

    (in inches)

    (ft & inches)

    *In addition to a filled out Application Form, please submit the listed requirements below to mcthouston88@yahoo.com. Your application will be considered complete once we have received this information. Make sure to write your full name in the subject line.


    I, the undersigned, years of age on this date, hereby apply for entry to the Miss Chinatown Houston Pageant, and if accepted will subscribe to all the rules and regulations of the Pageant. I further agree to participate in all functions and activities conducted by the C.A.C.A Houston - CIF pertaining to the Pageant.

    I further agree to hold the C.A.C.A Houston - CIF and their agents or members free and harmless from all claims and liabilities for loss, damage or injury from any cause whatsoever during my participation in any activities of the Pageant.

    I further agree to reimburse the C.A.C.A Houston - CIF and Alvin Gee Photography all out of pocket expenses incurred on my behalf should I withdraw before the Pageant Date.

    I further state that the information entered on this form is true and correct. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the content rules and regulations.