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Feel sea breeze, salt in your hair and
twittering birds

Congratulations to
all of the contestants of the Miss Chinatown Houston Scholarship Pageant 2023!

Ready to be the next miss chinatown houston

Only Two
Diamond Level
Tables Left

From Left to Right:

Jacquelyn O'Brien -- Finalist
Bianca Liau -- Finalist
Selena Wang -- Miss Chinese New Year 2024/First Princess
Grace Zhang -- Miss Chinatown Houston 2023-2024
Nicole Wu -- Second Princess
Dixie Feng -- Miss Congeniality and Miss Talent
Skylar Su -- Finalist
Kaitlin Shek -- Finalist


  • American First National Bank
  • Dr. Peter Chang & The Honorable Theresa Chang
  • Mandy Kao & Betty Gee
  • Tiffany & Stephen Le
  • Dr. Judy Liang & Dr. Christopher Wang
  • Tama Lundquist, Sandra Smith Cooper & Brigitte Kalai
  • Tammy and Wayne Nguyen
  • Dr. Michael & Tammy Su
  • Viet Hoa International Foods & Sun’s Club
  • Dr. Edward Chan, Dr. Lillian Chan, Dr. Karl King,
  • Dr. Richard Lock, Dr. Paul Tse
  • Alice Hung & Dwight Sung
  • Houston Design & Construction
  • Mandy Kao
  • SKW Realty – Serene Wong
  • Sue & Randy Sim
  • Skymark Development Co., Inc. – Clinton & Carolyn Wong
  • Dr. Jeremy Szeto
  • Dr. Kuo & Joyce Eng / Ted & Linda Wu
  • Cynthia Xue & Rose Chen

Past Winners

About Us

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Houston has presented the Miss Chinatown Houston Scholarship Pageant for over fifty years. The first Miss Chinatown Houston Pageant was part of a citywide picnic on August 15, 1971 at Sylvan Beach in La Porte, Texas. Today, the pageant is one of the highlight Gala events in the Houston community.